Creating 1.5 million new lawns

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The significance of a lawn cannot be underestimated. It serves as an extension of the home, evoking a sense of pride and providing a playground for children and a space for pets to enjoy the outdoors. Moreover, lawns play a vital role in promoting environmental health. Each blade of grass contributes to absorbing CO2 and converting it into oxygen. Additionally, lawns assist in regulating surface temperatures, absorbing rainfall, and attracting wildlife. With lawns being such an important part of a garden, we have introduced a newly developed range of lawn care products, we aim to streamline and minimise the effort required by consumers in maintaining their lawns while ensuring optimal results.



However, our extensive research showed very that our consumers want clear information. Because it was hard to make a choice and nothing on the shelf really jumped out at them. Which left participation in purchasing lawn care low, and walk away at fixture high. This in turn led us to create a clear range to solve all of these issues and meet our consumer’s needs.


Inspiring over 1.5 million new consumers to improve their lawns

Our new lawn care range helps to create, maintain or enhance existing lawns.


Creating a new lawn or overseeding a current lawn has never been easier with our range of Gro-Sure lawn seed. A brand consumers can trust, the Gro-Sure promise guarantees that our lawn seed will grow in all soil types. Our varieties are also fully colour matched for consistent results across the entire range. So no matter what a consumer chooses year after year, their lawn will be that same lush green.

Whether consumers’ lawns need lawn seed to withstand family and pet use, create a show-stopper lawn, or have issues with shady areas, we have a solution for everyone to get their very best results.



Maintaining an existing lawn can be made easier with the use of our child and pet friendly lawn feed, SafeLawn. A natural choice for consumers that want a luscious, green, and healthy lawn. An alternative is our All In One Lawn Feed, Weed & Moss Killer which will feed lawns as well as kill the weeds and moss.


Our products also include ‘Enhancing’ lawn solutions that help consumers resolve specific problems with their lawns, such as moss or patches.

Our range is designed to make shopping for lawn products easier, clearer and to help consumers get the very best for their lawns.

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