Double GIMA Winner!

Company: Treadstone Products
  • Treadstone Rope Trellis
  • Treadstone Rope Trelli
  • The Good Life Rope Trellis GIMA Award Winne

Treadstone Products were recognised seven times and across five product categories at this year's GIMA awards! This included winning two awards for their innovative Rope Trellis, one of which was the prestigious GIMA Sustainability Award.

Treadstone are building a reputation for creating innovative products and wherever possible launching sustainable concepts. Rope Trellis scooped another top prize, achieving Winner & Category Sustainability Champion in the Garden Landscaping category. Rope Trellis was also awarded the Category Sustainability Champion in the Growing, Planting Equipment and Sundries category. Upon awarding Treadstone with the GIMA Sustainability Award for Rope trellis the judges said:

“Sometimes the simplest of ideas are the best and this Rope Trellis provides consumers with a great sustainable solution for climbing plants.”

Inspired by cargo nets, Rope Trellis by The Good Life is an alternative to conventional fixed trellis manufactured using a natural jute material. It provides the perfect marriage of user-friendly features and sustainability.

Rope Trellis is available in five sizes (from 6 x 2ft to 6 x 6ft.) that all come supplied rolled up. Each pack is therefore easy to transport home where it can then be unrolled and installed. Rope Trellis is hand-made and tied specifically so that the product hangs tight and straight, giving a consistent sequence of support rope for plants to grip. Furthermore, if the user wants to add colour to the garden, Rope Trellis can be easily stained by dipping the rope in outdoor preservative.

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