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  • Hartley 10 yoga studio
  • Magnum Opus
  • Victorian Lodge dining
  • Victoria Lodge internal

Historic Greenhouse and Glasshouse manufacturer Hartley Botanic has been exhibiting at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show since at least 1950 and, this year, is showing its beautiful, handmade Greenhouses and Glasshouses in a new light – demonstrating just some of the great range of uses its al fresco, light-filled structures can offer our gardens and our personal sense of wellbeing. The various Greenhouse structures featured are dressed to illustrate different wellness-related uses, enhancing activities usually undertaken inside that Hartley Botanic can help bring into the garden; whether time spent dining with friends, making space in the day to meditate, practising a hobby or growing and making your own herbal remedies. The themes chosen also reflect some of the ways Hartley Botanic’s own customers are using their Greenhouses and Glasshouses to achieve a good life balance.

In addition, the stand showcases two new, contemporary Hartley Botanic models which have joined its Modern Horticulture range – a stunning Magnum Opus (first seen as a prototype at RHS Chelsea in 2016) and a Hartley 6 Grow & Store. The two new structures boast clean lines and concealed engineering, with the Magnum Opus offering architectural grandeur and the Hartley 6 Grow & Store attractive practicality for the modern Greenhouse owner. The new Hartley 6 Grow & Store’s roof has been glazed with self-cleaning glass – a new, time-saving innovation which will be available for Hartley Botanic customers to order this year, showcased for the first time at the flower show. A market first in the UK, which follows extensive research and development, customers ordering a Hartley Botanic Greenhouse or Glasshouse will now be able to choose less cleaning and better-looking windows as a result of this custom extra.

  • A stately Victorian Lodge (3/4 wall top lean to design) in Olive Leaf combines a Scandi look with an al fresco dining theme
  • A Hartley 10 Greenhouse in Vista Grey is styled as a calm and tranquil meditation/ yoga space
  • NEW addition to the range: A contemporary Magnum Opus in Manganese Graphite (a NEW colour) has become an artist’s garden studio
  • NEW addition to the range: A Hartley 6 Grow & Store in Umbria Light has been transformed into a medicinal herb laboratory for growing distilling healing plant tinctures. The Hartley 6 Grow & Store roof has also been glazed in Hartley Botanic’s NEW self-cleaning Greenhouse glass

The tradestand has been designed by Tina Wyatt of Valentina Wyatt Garden Design, landscaped by RHS Chelsea veterans Stewart Landscape Construction and has been beautifully dressed with furniture and accessories from carefully curated suppliers including Graham and Green, Stoake and unique artisan craftspeople including potter Birdi Richardson. Lancashire-based Hartley Botanic has been exhibiting at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show since the 1950s with ‘Hartley, V & N Ltd’, listed in the show catalogues as early as 1950. Last year was the manufacturer’s 80th anniversary.

A historic RHS Chelsea Flower Show/ Hartley Botanic advert - an advert included in the 1950 RHS Chelsea Flower Show catalogue for the “Hartley Semi-Dodekagon” (please credit RHS Lindley Collections)

Changes to the way we use our Greenhouses…

The way customers are using their Hartley Botanic Greenhouses and Glasshouses is changing. In their 2019 Greenhouse and Glasshouse Trends Report, Hartley Botanic uncovered some of the newest trends amongst its customers who are moving away from a purely horticultural ‘good life’ approach and are using their Greenhouses for wider, ‘good living.’ One of the key trends identified was around using Greenhouses as multipurpose spaces. While for most Hartley Botanic customers, using their Greenhouse to grow plants and edibles is still high on their agenda, once installed, its potential as a peaceful place, protected from the elements to while away the intrusions of modern life and spend longer in their gardens becomes apparent. A Greenhouse or Glasshouse is, for modern gardeners, a space which can be tailored in a myriad of ways, and can allow them to extend the wellness-potential offered by their outside space – whether that’s indulging in a personal passion, enjoying al fresco dining or practicing yoga – all whilst surrounded by their garden.

Tom Barry Managing Director of Hartley Botanic said; “We see an incredible variety of uses for our Greenhouses and Glasshouses amongst customers. As well as their obvious horticultural potential, they also allow customers to enjoy their gardens in a far richer way. All our Greenhouses and Glasshouses are individually custom-made and their finished design, whether with two porches, a larger floor area, self-cleaning glass or taller roof pitch often reflects how a customer intends to make very personal use of them. A wellness theme was also important to communicate alongside our multiuse message this year as we know that this is something customers report - to feel personal psychological and physical benefits as a result of using their Greenhouses. This may be because they use them for activities which make them feel good, or simply because they enable them to spend longer in their gardens.”

Garden designer Tina Wyatt said; “People often have quite a set view of how a Greenhouse or Glasshouse could be used. My aim this year was to challenge perceptions and show how these stunning structures can be brought out of the vegetable patch and made centre-stage to work as fantastic multiuse spaces. My design philosophy is to get people out into their gardens more by looking for ways to increase their enjoyment and use of their outdoor space.  Hartley’s beautiful glasshouses don’t only bring additional growing utility, but they make lovely new spaces in the garden – as incredible light-filled structures, they are a joy to spend time in and this needn’t be limited by a focus on purely horticultural pursuits. A Greenhouse, and a garden for that matter, should work for us, our lifestyles and what we enjoy doing best.”


1/ Victorian Lodge (3/4 wall top lean to design) in Olive Leaf – Scandi-look ‘pick and eat’ dining room with eco wood burner

The largest Glasshouse on the stand, the Victorian Lodge, in a 3/4 wall top lean to design, features a lean-to design set against a Nordic stone effect wall. The Glasshouse is styled with a Scandi aesthetic and filled with natural looking materials. The interior has a rustic feel and features a reclaimed herringbone brick floor, central chandelier, eco wood burner by Stoake and sheepskin. A large, wooden dining table takes centre stage dressed with white, handmade ceramics. Around the table in the Glasshouse’s staging are micro-greens and herbs, edibles that those sitting in this beautiful al fresco space could simply ‘pick and eat.’ Using a Greenhouse for growing and enjoying your own food is another customer trend cited in Hartley Botanic’s 2019 report, tied to the popularity of veg-based diets and organic food. One of the central motivating factors for Greenhouse ownership this year was so customers could live more healthily and enjoy good, quality food with friends and family which they have produced themselves (and cut down on copious plastic supermarket packaging.)

2/ Hartley 10 Greenhouse in Vista Grey – meditation space/ yoga studio

The Hartley 10 Greenhouse on the stand is styled as a tranquil meditation space and yoga studio. A pale grey wood effect porcelain tile floor, and light grey clay planters in the Greenhouse’s four corners, evoke a clean, calm and neutral space. Set against this quiet, neutral backdrop are green palms, weave basket lampshades and meditation cushions. Aromatic plants are also dotted around the edges of the Greenhouse.

3/ NEW Magnum Opus in Manganese Graphite (new colour) – an artist’s studio

The NEW Hartley Botanic Magnum Opus Glasshouse, the most modern on the stand, is dressed as an artist’s studio complete with standing easel, island chest work desk and botanical specimens ready for study. A small number of plants are dotted around the Glasshouse, including an Iris at the entrance, but the space has been primarily styled as a garden room, illustrating how a Greenhouse or Glasshouse can be used as a unique space for developing and enjoying a personal passion or hobby.

About the NEW Magnum Opus: Shown as a prototype at the 2016 RHS Chelsea Flower Show, the Magnum Opus has now been launched as part of Hartley Botanic’s Hartley range. The Magnum Opus is a much grander and more dramatic structure than the classic Opus structure. The structure is significantly taller and includes an imposing porch-style entrance.

4/ NEW Hartley 6 Grow & Store in Umbria Light with NEW and innovative self-cleaning glass – a medicinal herb laboratory

The most literal expression of wellness on the stand has been displayed within a NEW Hartley 6 Grow & Store which is set-up as a space for a Greenhouse owner who produces homemade herbal remedies from plants in their garden, complete with copper sill. Plants growing in this Greenhouse are medicinal herbs and flowers, illustrating how elements from the garden can be used to improve our health – not only mentally but also physically.

About the NEW Hartley 6 Grow & Store: As part of the Hartley range, the Hartley 6 Grow & Store retains all the practicality of its heritage counterpart, but with cleaner lines and less visible engineering – giving it a more elegant look. Practical for gardeners with smaller outdoor areas, the Hartley 6 version of the Grow & Store will suit those who prefer structures with a contemporary feel.

About NEW self-cleaning glass: The Hartley 6 Grow & Store Greenhouse’s roof on the stand has been glazed with self-cleaning glass, a NEW feature available for Hartley Botanic customers to order this year. Hartley Botanic is the first UK Greenhouse manufacturer to offer this innovative glass which uses the forces of nature to help keep glass clean – giving the practical benefit of less cleaning and also clearer, better-looking windows.

Last year, Hartley Botanic’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show stand was awarded the 5 Star award and the Director General Linley award for its ‘provenance and history’ theme. They are the only aluminium Greenhouse manufacturer whose entire product range is endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society.

All Hartley Botanic’s Greenhouses and Glasshouses are handmade, bespoke and made to order. Customers interested in purchasing a Hartley Botanic Greenhouse should visit: www.hartley-botanic.co.uk or call 01457 819 155 for more information.

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