T&M's Mangave Mad about Mangave® 'Praying Hands' PBR achieves 3rd Place

Company: T&M

T&M is thrilled to announce that its entry has achieved third place in the Plant of the Year at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2024:

Mangave Mad about Mangave® 'Praying Hands' PBR

Exhibited by Stonebarn Landscapes and Gardeners Question Time, bred by Hans Hansen and introduced by Thompson & Morgan.

T&M is immensely proud to have been placed in this prestigious award category - there was strong competition for this year’s award, making this achievement all the more special.

A delightfully different Mangave shape!

With dark-green, scale-like leaves curling upwards into the elegant form of an artichoke, ‘Praying Hands’ is an extraordinary departure from the star-shaped rosette you might expect! A maroon spike finishes each leaf with a flourish, converging at the top to form a pleasing point. 

A revolution in plant breeding

A hybrid cross between an Agave and Manfreda, Mangave plants boast architectural qualities on much faster-growing, hardier and fuller plants.

Grow indoors or outdoors

A striking succulent specimen plant, Mangave is a half-hardy perennial, hardy to -5 ºC and drought tolerant, requiring little water to thrive as a fabulous focal point in milder UK gardens. In colder and wetter areas Mangave ‘Praying Hands’ would be best grown in containers and moved into frost-free and drier conditions over the winter months. 

Height: 20cm (8in). Spread: 35cm (14in).

This plant is available to view on the RHS Experience stand.


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