Taylors Bulbs make it 27 consecutive Gold Medals

Company: Taylors Bulbs

The specialist daffodil collection of Taylors Bulbs based in Lincolnshire have worked their way through yet another nerve racking and tense build-up to put on a gold medal winning display of daffodil flowers at the Chelsea Flower Show.

The display of 34 varieties and over 1000 flowers covers 12 weeks of flowering and is the result of over 18000 flowers grown in controlled conditions every year especially for the show, featuring varieties which normally flower in the garden as early as January right through to early May.

Ian Clark explains; “The bulbs are planted after Christmas and kept temperature controlled until they go into the greenhouse 4 weeks before Chelsea.  In the first week we see leaf growth develop and then flowers beginning to form.  This year we had a particularly trying period the week before the show when outside temperatures soared which brought the flowers on faster than we would have liked with some flowers even blooming straight up in the air! Thankfully by that point quite a lot of the flowers for the display had already been cropped and put away safely in the cold store”

The flowers are cropped fully open and kept in cold store for up to 10 days before the show but only have an average life of a few days in the floral pavilion so the display is re-staged twice to keep the standard high until the end of Saturday.

Ian says “The weeks running up to the show are exhausting and stressful but we all support each other and hope nature allows us to put on a grand display.  I’m particularly proud we are showing such a spread of flowering time this year as visitors are always amazed when we explain the difference between the varieties.  Daffodils from January to May in one day!”

For any further information, please contact Ian Clark on 07718625892 or email: ian@taylors-bulbs.com

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