RocketGro supports GARDENA’s ‘Greenest Garden’ at RHS Chelsea

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RocketGro has teamed up with GARDENA to help create the garden tool and watering brand’s sustainable trade stand, in partnership with leading eco-designer Lynne Lambourne, at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show this year.

RocketGro’s unrivalled 100% organic, peat-free compost will be used for planting across the ‘Greenest Garden’, which forms part of GARDENA’s ReThink campaign. It is the second year that GARDENA has partnered with Lynne Lambourne, who has been tasked with creating an immersive experience aimed at inspiring people to re-think their gardening practices and make more sustainable choices.

RocketGro – recently announced as the exclusive compost provider to River Cottage – is delighted to support GARDENA and Lynne in this project, which will focus on the importance of innovation and how both new and recycled materials can be used to design stylish outdoor spaces that are environmentally friendly.

A self-proclaimed ‘warrior on waste’, Lynne explains that every element of the garden has been thoroughly considered to ensure zero waste. This includes working with like-minded suppliers who are leading the way in sustainable products, such as RocketGro.

GARDENA Sustainability Ambassador, Lynne Lambourne says: “I am delighted that I will be working with RocketGro at Chelsea. I choose to work with brands that are putting sustainability at the forefront of what they do, and RocketGro shares my values. A good garden needs great soil, and RocketGro can help provide that in a healthy, organic, planet-friendly way. I am excited to get planting and creating something fabulous.”

GARDENA’s Sarah Bentham says of the partnership with RocketGro: “GARDENA recognises the importance of sustainability and using eco-friendly products. Our brand values align with that of RocketGro and we're thrilled to use RocketGro's 100% organic and peat-free compost for GARDENA'S Chelsea Flower Show 2023 garden. Gardening excellence and environmental responsibility go hand in hand, and partnering with RocketGro means we are making positive steps towards a healthier planet.”

RocketGro Managing Director, Toby Thomas shares Lynne and GARDENA’s enthusiasm. He says: “RocketGro is thrilled to be supporting Lynne Lambourne and GARDENA at the Chelsea Flower Show 2023 with the provision of all the compost they need for the planting of their stand. Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do at RocketGro, and we have ensured that our range of organic peat-free composts is 100% grown, sourced, manufactured and produced in the UK and is 100% sustainable.”

Toby adds: “The fact that Lynne is such a great ambassador for sustainability, and is putting together the most sustainable greenest garden that GARDENA has ever produced, is very exciting and RocketGro is fully supportive. The more we can all do to promote sustainability and protect the environment whilst pursuing gardening excellence and great growing results the better.”

RocketGro boasts a stellar portfolio of 100% peat-free growing media products with a compelling and truly un-matched eco-story. Composts are packaged and produced using the RocketGro farm’s own green renewable energy production, with a large percentage of the substrates used in the compost blends grown on the RocketGro farm in Somerset. Ranges are organic, Soil Association Approved, all natural and chemical-free, whilst delivering impressive results across the board.

GARDENA’s display will be located on stand PW194 at Chelsea and has been designed in line with a circular plan and process in mind that ensures zero waste throughout the build and beyond, meaning all materials will be reused, recycled or donated post show.

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If you want to learn more about RocketGro or are keen to discuss adding its product portfolio into your 2023 offering, please contact Toby Thomas ( /07936 928 981) or Andy Abraham ( / 07446 937902). Discover more about the RocketGro story at

RocketGro was founded in early 2021, born out of a meeting of minds of two friends, Tim and Toby. Tim’s family has been successfully farming on their 5000-acre farm in the heart of Somerset for over 100 years. The farm produces an amazingly rich soil nourishing organic by-product from their biogas plant. The biogas powers thousands of homes, and until RocketGro was born, this by-product was only spread over the farmland meaning the farm could avoid using chemical fertilisers.

Tim wanted to share this wonder product with gardeners all over the UK and he approached Toby to help him make this dream come true. RocketGro was born.

The RocketGro mission is to help gardeners move away from peat and therefore do our bit to help the environment. Our fabulous range of products is a near total solution to any gardeners’ needs and the range is growing out even further. RocketGro put a great deal of care and effort into producing our premium growing media products and aim to produce the finest compost products in a sustainable and nature loving eco-friendly way. Gardeners who become ‘RocketGrowers’ will see the difference.

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