Facebook garden wins gold medal and two other top awards at Chelsea Flower Show

Company: The Facebook Garden

The Facebook Garden: Beyond The Screen, designed by Joe Perkins, has won a gold medal and been awarded Best in Class and Best Construction in the Space To Grow Garden category at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. It is the only garden to win both awards in its category.

Inspired by the spectacular coastal landscapes of the Basque Country, the garden features a wave that washes water
across a ‘tidal’ pool and over layered rock formations which represent the sedimentary rocks known as ‘Flysch’ which
make up part of the Basque coastline. A stunning copper canvased wave-form sculpture also forms a canopy over the
reclaimed timber deck, symbolising the industrial properties of technology.

The garden celebrates the stories of people who use Facebook to find common ground with others and to connect in
real life, including the 1.5 million people in the UK who are part of a gardening group on Facebook.

Joe Perkins, Landscape designer, said: “I've been working at Chelsea Flower Show for a number of years and to receive this kind of recognition for my first solo show is a real honour. I'd like to thank everyone who supported with the build, particularly The Outdoor Room. I'm really happy that the judges recognised what we set out to achieve with the garden and I hope what we've done can inspire others.”

Nicola Mendelsohn, Facebook VP for EMEA, said:  “Joe Perkins has designed an incredible garden that celebrates the people who have joined a Facebook group with others who share their passions, including the 1.5 million British people who are part of gardening groups on Facebook. It's a privilege to see this beautiful design recognised with not one but two awards! It's been an honour to be part of this journey sponsoring the garden and we'd like to thank everyone involved.”

Facebook has become an increasingly important place for gardeners of all ages across the UK to connect. Facebook
revealed at the show that:

  • The UK hosted more gardening events on Facebook in the past year than anywhere else in the world
  • There are now more than 1.5 million people in the UK who are part of gardening groups on Facebook
  • In the past year more than 120,000 people in the UK have shown interest in attending events on Facebook related to gardening
  • A fifth of Brits now use social media as their main source of gardening advice*

Gardeners from across the country who are using Facebook to share their passions have been invited to the Facebook garden at Chelsea Flower Show this week, including:

  • The Giant Vegetable Community: the giant veg enthusiasts from South Wales connecting with the next generation of growers
  • DeafGardenersRUs: the gardeners creating a safe space for the deaf community who face challenges pursuing their hobby
  • Guerilla Gardening Southampton: the group inspiring people, and their local council, to reintroduce pockets of green into the city
  • The Incredible Edible network: a country-wide network set up to encourage local communities to grow sustainable food
  • Roots Community Gardening: the student gardeners giving back to their university town of Bristol through gardening projects

In partnership with HS2 contractors, the Costain Skanska Joint venture (CSJV), every element of the garden will be
donated to community spaces and projects close to the planned HS2 route after the show. They include:

  • Educational charity Global Generations: which is building a story garden in the space behind the British Library
  • Netley Primary School in North West London: which is refurbishing its open space
  • Residents of Clarkson Row in North West London: who need support creating a space to deter antisocial behaviour
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