Chelsea tribute to Peter Seabrook

  • Rachel and Tom Moore, Alison Seabrook Moore and Roger Seabrook
  • Mat Oliver, Molly and Val Christman and Neil Gow

Peter Seabrook’s family and closest friends honoured the industry champion at Chelsea, yesterday, with a display that included his boots, spade and a new sweet pea named after him.

Peter’s son Roger, daughter Alison Seabrook Moore and his grand-children Rachel and Tom Moore visited the stand in the Great Pavilion at this week’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show, created to honour his achievements.  

They were joined by the people with whom he worked most closely creating his many show stands in previous years.

Bouquet to Her Majesty, The Queen

Val Christman worked with Peter on the construction of all his gardens.  Her daughter Molly Christman is employed on the 1 acre plot at RHS Hyde Hall where Peter created his Floral Fantasia.  She had the honour of presenting a bouquet to Her Majesty, the Queen.

Neil Gow, who also involved with Peter for many years, worked with Val to create the Chelsea stand and will be creating an even bigger display next month in memory of Peter Seabrook, at BBC Gardeners’ World Live.  Mat Oliver represented RHS Hyde Hall.

Alan Titchmarsh

Peter’s long-time co-presenter at BBC Gardener’s World, Alan Titchmarsh, paid tribute saying he was a great and extremely knowledgeable champion of the industry and of young people.  He was also a generous partner to work with.

Floral Fantasia at Hyde Hall

When he died, Peter Seabrook was establishing a foundation to secure the future of the Floral Fantasia growing trials at RHS Hyde Hall that he had created and funded.  It is the only independent UK industry showcase where plant breeders and growers can conduct trials of bedding plants. 

The foundation is chaired by Mike Smith of growers WD Smith & Sons.  Mike explained that the colourful displays have become very popular with the public and with the RHS at Hyde Hall.

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