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29 Jan 2021,  George Bullivant

Why can’t garden centres in NI buy plants & seeds from GB?

Why can’t Northern Ireland garden centres get deliveries of many plants and seeds from the rest of the United Kingdom following Brexit?

7 Mar 2022,  Andy Whelan
It is a real problem for businesses in Northern Ireland. If only we'd held a referendum to canvas peoples views....
27 Feb 2022,  Janet
I think that this is ridiculous situation for years I bought plants from the UK with no trouble except for higher p and p which was annoying. It feels like discrimination by EEC on Northern Ireland they are being spiteful about Brexit. I would have expected them to act in a more adult manner and allow trade that was well established to continue as it had for years.
10 Sep 2021,  Peter Vanhoutte
I still would like to add a late comment. For many years, I used to buy my seeds and bulbs and many plants in the UK, just because the quality is often much better than what we can find in most EU countries. I am really disappointed that it is not possible anymore to oder any of it in the UK. As a big fan of Gardeners' World and Monty and following an online garden designers course in Chelsea, it feels like my roots are suddenly cut off. I can only hope that both the EU and the UK will work to fix this issue as soon as possible.
5 Feb 2021,  Annoyed Gardener
Any suggestions as to where plants may be purchased from GB would be welcome.
1 Feb 2021,  seedseller
Boris once said we could tear up any paper work needed to send goods across the Irish sea.
1 Feb 2021,  Ordinary Bloke
The answer is simple. Ignore the rules. EU members have always ignored the rules they don't like. We are not in the EU any more.
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