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22 Jul 2022,  Anon

what's the future for suppliers to our industry?

We're seeing a great deal of consolidation in the retail side of our industry at the moment. Fewer Independents - more chains. As a generation of garden centre owners begin to look at retirement, what's the future for suppliers to our industry?

8 Aug 2022,  Rob
Correct Orlando it is worrying in the northwest there are very few independent garden centres left where as Strikes and Blue diamond have being buying up plenty. This does leave the consumer with very little choice. Worrying times ahead for retail
5 Aug 2022,  Orlando
Todays Gardenforum brings adverts for 3 garden businesses about to close or be sold. Looks to me that we're going down the route of grocery and other industries, with a selection of larger turnover set-ups and the gradual shutdown of "Family Businesses". This must be a concern for wholesalers, suppliers and trade associations who rely on a range of retailers for their business?
27 Jul 2022,  Gerry
Things are much better than when Wyevale was around. There is now a healthy crop of regional groups of 3 or 4 garden centres. None of the groups are dominant, Dobbies is treading water and Blue Diamond still has only 39 garden centres, hardly market domination. So the future is looking good for suppliers who innovate.
25 Jul 2022,  Rob
The future I feel is Bleak for a lot of suppliers because of more garden centre groups buying up independents just look at Blue Diamond own brand compost own Brand garden furniture and BBQs. This will just spread to other sectors within the centres. Soon the choice will be so limited thus driving people to find alternatives probably from the internet?
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