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11 Nov 2020,  George Bullivant

Thompson and Morgan buys Suttons Seeds

T&M has acquired 100% of the share capital of Suttons Seeds Ltd and its 3 brands: Suttons, Dobies and the Organic Catalogue.  It also launches T&M Marketplace.

11 Jun 2021,  Martroe
I absolutely agree with other comments on the poor quality of Suttons plants (and Thompson and Morgan). What also needs to be mentioned about Suttons is that when you file a complaint about the state of your purchase you are told they will respond within 9 days (and it will be at least 9 days), which is an outrageous amount of time especially when the manage to mailshot me with new offers everyday! It also means by the time they get back to you the plants you need replacing are out of stock so you get a partial refund. Obviously this means you are probably not going to be growing those particular plants this year. What I have learned this year from the poor quality of plants I have received from Suttons and others is that I need to start growing more from seed instead of putting all my eggs in one basket by reliyng on these companieds to provide quality usable plants.
8 Jun 2021,  Andrew
Well, the ownership of T&M has done nothing for the service quality of Suttons which is deplorable. Seeds don't arrive or arrive ridiculously late. Plants are a slimy and tangled mess. Average rating of 1 star on google.
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