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11 Mar 2021,  George Bullivant

Lawn Association differs with Monty Don over the perfect lawn

Following Monty Don’s  article claiming that mowing grass is “about the most injurious thing you can do to wildlife”, The Lawn Association says, “yes you can have it both ways!”

15 Mar 2021,  Andrew
Lawns Was only thinking yesterday how sterile a lawn with no weeds in looked but a lawn with the wrong weeds is unusable. Thistles eg. I love daisies. A wild area in any garden is great, .I just cant get over the fact we are concreting over so much with roads and house building that peoples lawns are small fry however. Many are now artificial and that is true for many bowls clubs too. Surely that is worse. Lawns are there to be enjoyed and especially with children to play games on .There is no right or wrong answer Lets get farming done in a sustainable and wildlife friendly way as this is 70% of our land. Andy Gretton
15 Mar 2021,  James
The logical extension of Mr. Don’s - in my opinion - ridiculous comments is that topiary will be banned, hedge laying is a country craft that will be no more, and the cut flower industry will be a thing of the past. Time for a new presenter of Gardeners’ World, me thinks, one that steers clear of the pseudo political comments and is not, perhaps, a member of the woke brigade.
15 Mar 2021,  Steve
Yes, you can have it both ways. Most people garden for the pleasure of doing it and the wellbeing that it brings. Nothing in life comes completely for free but gardening whereby we plant flowers, trees and shrubs which brings us joy and encourages in a large part wildlife into our garden is amazing. As part of that having a lawn that we can take pride in, lay on and read a book, or play with our children is a positive our lawns can give. If we take Monty's point to the Nth degree we may as well give up gardening and let nature take over completely turning our garden into jungles and destroying both our enjoyment and garden industry on the way.
12 Mar 2021,  Sarah Mead
Monty’s right – we need to get over our obsession with neat lawns!” Sarah Mead, creator of the Yeo Valley Organic Garden, Somerset. Monty is absolutely right to highlight our obsession with keeping our lawns neat and tidy and frankly I was shocked to read how much negativity he has faced as a result of his recent Radio Times interview. Come on gardeners, would a little less cutting really be such a bad thing?! Yeo Valley Organic Garden is supporting PlantLife’s No Mow May challenge this year and taking part in the charity’s Every Flower Counts campaign.
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