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18 Aug 2023,  George Bullivant

Darran Oakley is to retire from Squire’s

Squire’s Garden Centres have announced that Purchasing Director, Darran Oakley, is to retire at the end of next season. He will move to Devon during the Summer of 2024.

25 Sep 2023,  Martin
Darran, I must admit I was very shocked to hear this news of your retirement! You honestly don't look old enough! I just wanted to wish you all the best and to let you know out of all the buyers I have ever dealt with you were always the most courteous, professional and commercially astute in the industry. You will be a hard man to replace. Wishing you and your family all the best for the future. Take care Martin
18 Sep 2023,  Richard Lockwood
Enjoy your retirement Darren, surely those days at Kennedys were only a few years ago? You don't seem to have changed one bit and its always been a pleasure to chat with you over the years. Best wishes
15 Sep 2023,  Darran
Many thanks for all your kind words, really appreciated! i will no doubt see many/all of your over the next few months
5 Sep 2023,  Nicola
Can't believe you are retiring you are far too young!! I am so jealous, enjoy Devon.xx
29 Aug 2023,  Maxine - Garden Pride
Good Luck and Happy retirement Darran! We look forward to one last season working with you.
27 Aug 2023,  Edward Cantle
I have had the pleasure of working with Darran for many years. When I was a Tillington negotiator, during my time at Bridgemere and Webb’s, I was guided by Darran’s experience on numerous occasions. Moving into sales, I have been lucky to maintain contact and supply the Squires stores. Never one to be hesitant with feedback, Darran has always been calm, constructive and guiding. Enjoy your time in Devon Darran.
24 Aug 2023,  Richard Barrow
Darran, we go back a long way and seen huge changes, developments and growth. I’ll miss our regular industry supplier reviews. Thanks for the business over the past 24 years. But there is still one to go…. All the very best in retirement.
24 Aug 2023,  Geoff Wooldridge
Happy Retirement Darran Well deserved You have done so much for Squires and for garden industry I have always looked forward to seeing you, and shall miss your positivity and your always cheerful attitude I hope you might consider making a guest appearance at Glee. We would all love to see you
24 Aug 2023,  Malcolm Wheeler
Darren I wish you a long & happy retirement, It was always a pleasure to visit and do business with you
21 Aug 2023,  Paris
Darran, here's wishing you all the very best for your well-earned retirement next year. I don't know why I was surprised at this news as I soon reflected on the fact that I am getting on a bit too! You have been a great, positive and constant influence on our industry for such a long time that you will be hugely missed. I hope you will stay in touch with us from time to time. Thank you for everything!
21 Aug 2023,  Adrian Allen
Good luck Darran on your retirement next year, it has always been a pleasure doing business with you, Enjoy your well earned rest. Adrian Allen
21 Aug 2023,  Dave King
Good luck with your retirement Darran. Thanks for your friendship, always nice to see you. Kindest Dave King
18 Aug 2023,  Boyd Douglas-Davies
Well, shocked that one so young can be contemplating retirement! Darran has been brilliant for more years than I, or he, would probably like to remember. Had the absolute pleasure of selling plants to him in the early 90's when he worked for a bloke called George Bullivant! The industry and Squires will miss him as his influence has benefitted all. Enjoy your well-earned retirement (when it comes) and well done on deciding to head to Devon.
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