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6 Dec 2023,  George Bullivant

Christmas in Numbers by British Garden Centres

Popular demand brings back ‘Christmas in Numbers’ by British Garden Centres, the country’s largest family-run garden centre group.

13 Dec 2023,  Jamie
Thanks Cassie, fantastic figures showing move towards more sustainable pot grown trees. Our own sales are only 14 vs 400 cut trees last year and 5 vs 400 to date this year.
13 Dec 2023,  Cassie King
Hi, this should be 6,417 pot grown trees in store. Apologies as this has been worded wrong in the infographic
13 Dec 2023,  Jamie
Could I queiry a figure in the aricle on british garden centres? The wording in their picture is that 6,417 pot grown trees will be in homes. This doesn't specifically say that 6,417 have been bought from their stores, or that they were all purchased in one year. It seemed to be a high figure when compared to 30,040 cut trees sold, 1 in 5 is significantly higher than I achieve or understood others too. Is it really the figure for potted trees they sell in a single year?
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