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1 Apr 2021,  George Bullivant

British Association of Landscape Industries rebrands

The British Association of Landscape Industries has unveiled its new look ahead of its 50th year in business in 2022,  dropping the BALI acronym and the term Registered Members.

1 Apr 2021,  Chris Baines
I was very involved at the very start of BALI. I worked as a design and build garden contractor with Blakedown Landscapes Ltd, and my Boss Les Bailey was passionate about the need to professionalise the embryonic landscape contracting industry.

Much of the early effort focussed on training for landscape construction and I well remember teaching the use of the dumpy level, just a day after I had mastered the equipment myself. In 1973, the year after the launch, BALI got a major boost when the Landscape Institute's annual conference was held in Birmingham, and we had a chance to showcase Blakedown, the commercial nursery and the landscape industry's capabilities.

I hope the rebranding is a great success.

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