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8 Mar 2021,  

BBC Gardeners’ World Spring Fair announces partnership with Hillier

The new BBC Gardeners’ World Spring Fair,  taking place in the grounds of Beaulieu in Hampshire from 28 to 30 May, have announced a collaboration with Hillier Nurseries.

24 Apr 2021,  Martha
I fail to see how under current restrictions this will happen. Its not widely advertised did I miss it in my magazine? Its just too soon and numbers will still be severely restricted. The Government are piloting this one of those? Otherwise I feel it will be cancelled in line with many others. Social distancing wont make this viable or a possible experience. I wouldnt feel safe personally until later in the year. So I wont be booking.
9 Mar 2021,  Lancashire Lad
When are the dates for the BBC Northern Gardener's World Spring Fair going to be announced? Where will it be? Salford?
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