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11 Feb 2021,  Old rosie

Any suggestions for other premium rose growers?

Problems with our rose supplier.  We are still waiting clarification on who they wish to supply this year- and are now very difficult to communicate with. Treating customers of many years with disrespect, any suggestions for other premium rose growers?

24 Feb 2021,  Diane
This year David Austin is supplying chains Notcutts and Klondike and Dobbies and totally letting down small independents....year after year I visit Dobbies and watch the greenfly, blackspot thrive with neglect whereas centres that are totally plant focused are not being supplied! Disgraceful
19 Feb 2021,  Boswijk
Your best course of action is to obtain a copy of the FindThat Rose booklet. All the details you need are at Other info in this thread - Chessum went bust. Wharton grows many DA varieties as DA have gone online so not growing. You could try the Garden Group based at the okd Notcutts site in Woodbridge. They have a good range and good quality.
16 Feb 2021,  PSB
As for the big DA their arrogance is flabbergasting and I sincerely doubt we would ever buy from them again even if given the chance!
13 Feb 2021,  Tim grower
I had similar issues with my regular supplier in November, which left a bad taste. They were saying sold out! I found the story was the same with all the rose growers. Unfortunately I had to settle for "our own choice" varieties from a new supplier to secure any BR roses for 2021 season which actually look very good quality. Although not ideal, it's the best I could do after a day phoning everyone I could find a number for. My now "old" regular supplier used to offer David Austin but say they are not being supplied with any this year.
12 Feb 2021,  Plant buyer
Sadly from my research choice is limited small range of Peter Beales with Wharton's and harkness with what was chessums (unsure of current name) .has anyone had any contact from David Austin's this year annoying when you buy in to their brand with special benches etc
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