The Lawn Association begins training at the University of Oxford

Company: The Lawn Association

The Lawn Association have started their training sessions at the University of Oxford. This collaborative endeavour between the association and the university signifies a collective dedication to fostering a culture of innovation and sustainability in lawn care practices.

The manicured lawns at the University of Oxford have been admired by visitors the world over. However, their lawns have been looking more susceptible to regular problems like so many others across the UK. One of the reasons why is the use over the years of ryegrass, which has been used to re-turf many of the lawns in recent years, and which many already need significant repair again. Keeping a ryegrass lawn thick and lush requires repeated, almost yearly reseeding, regular watering and heavy pesticide use. But traditional grasses, such as bents and fescues, offer a healthy native lawn that is much more self-sustaining (this is what they had years ago)

Through sensible lawn management, the right remedy for this situation is within easy reach. The sustainable lawn care training will allow this prestigious institution to meet environmental concerns head-on, now and in the future, through eco-friendly lawn maintenance techniques.

The subjects that will be covered in the training sessions highlight the importance of using native grass species, which the Lawn Association team have always promoted as one of the most sustainable and successful choices you can make for lawns in the UK. Nutrition for the lawn, and how this can be achieved without the need for polymer-coated synthetic fertilisers will also always be high on the agenda. Weed control, mowing and water management will be just some of the other topics covered.

Both institutions are leading the way in adopting environmentally responsible measures that benefit the environment and enhance the beauty and durability of green landscapes.

About the first day of training Alastair Mallick, Head Gardener of Somerville College said "What an incredible day spent with the Lawn Association! It's been eye-opening to realise all the misleading information that we have been told over the years. Our newfound understanding of lawn care is not only simpler but aligns perfectly with our sustainability goals." Alastair continued "The mantra 'right plant for the right place' couldn't be more apt. While sports grasses like ryegrass might suit football fields, they simply don't align with our aspirations for our lawns. We're committed to working smarter, not harder, and this approach is our ticket to achieving that. This collaboration marks the beginning of a promising journey towards reduced water and pesticide usage, with a transition to products like Truegrass."

For more information about The Lawn Association and its partnership with the University of Oxford, please contact: Tara Hedges-Gower, Director of The Lawn Association – at

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