Sow the seeds for a fresh career this New Year


IT’S the time of year we take stock of where we’ve been and plan ahead for a 2018 that will take us in the direction we want to go.

A new year can be the perfect time to hone in on your passions and start taking the steps that could lead into a fresh career you’ve always dreamed of.

Training provider, Learning with Experts, has tuned in to the fact people love learning throughout life and has put together a selection of online courses aimed to fit around busy lifestyles and help lay the foundations for a new career for the new year.

Founder and CEO, Elspeth Briscoe, pictured, changed her career direction after working in strategy for Skype. She said: “Finally after several years at Skype I decided to follow my passion in gardening and learn more about the things I love. I've always enjoyed learning and I had an interest in the environment and horticulture from a young age.” 

It was during the course she had a lightbulb moment, where she realised this type of studying could really be enhanced, and there was a potential gap in the market to own the category for adult vocational or passion-driven learning, but on a global scale and she set up Learning with Experts. 

She approached some of the top names in the world of gardening to share their knowledge in online classes, helping people across the globe access expert advice on what they love as well giving them a chance to change direction in their career.

For those with a passion for a career in gardening, The Garden Design Diploma, from £899, helps enthusiasts learn the full range of skills needed to become a designer from the world's greatest designers and plantspeople.

The collection of courses is unrivalled in its level of expertise and is recognised by the Association of Professional Landscape Designers.

Many students have gone on to make a hobby into a profession and now have careers in gardening or garden design all over the world.  

The RHS Level 2 Certificate in the Principles of Horticulture, from £330, gives gardening enthusiasts the foundations of horticultural practices, with coaching from respected tutors Hilary Thomas and Dr Noel Kingsbury.

Those wanting to dip their toes in the water can try Professional Planting Design with Hilary Thomas from £149. Learners can pick up tips on how to select plants for their visual and structural properties, how to assess site conditions and the process of creating a planting plan. Self-employed professionals can set these courses off against tax as 'Continued Professional Development'.

For more information on the full range of courses offered please visit

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