The CHA announces its exhibitor line-up for GreenTech Amsterdam

Company: The Commercial Horticultural Association (CHA)

The UK exhibitors are set to meet global growers and breeders, who attend to learn more about how to grow and optimise production in vegetable, floriculture, glass and open field horticulture.

GreenTech is the number one international horticulture technology platform, where industry professionals from across the world come to connect, network and share knowledge. In 2023, the event attracted 11,500 visitors to see the 540 exhibitors from over 128 countries.

“We are delighted to bring a group of British exporters to this innovative event once more. Our companies demonstrate the creativity and ingenuity, for which UK agri-tech is renowned the world over”, commented Emma Brazier, Event Manager for the CHA. “The UK exhibitors and the CHA team are looking forward to meeting a diversity of growers and breeders”.

CHA will have an industry information stand within the UK exhibitor group where members of the team can provide information on the UK horticulture market and assist international growers and breeders with contacts for UK exporters. UK representatives are also welcome to visit the group and learn the many benefits of becoming a member of the CHA.

The UK companies are:


Commercial Horticultural Association

Hall 5 Stand 05.112J
T: +44 (0) 1959 565995

The British trade association for manufacturers and suppliers of plants, products and services to commercial horticultural growers throughout the world. Visitors to the stand will receive a warm welcome, refreshments and will be able to find out more about the comprehensive range of products and services available from UK companies.


Concert Bio

Hall 5 Stand 05.112J
T: +44 (0) 7507 704196

Products and services to enable hydroponic growers to manage their microbiome

Concert Bio works with hydroponic growers to harness their microbiomes. The firm uses next generation sequencing to provide a holistic analysis of the microbes in growers’ systems, from harmful to beneficial. It is developing microbial products specifically tailored to hydroponic systems to support microbiome management.


Delta-T Devices           

Hall 5 Stand 05.108D
T: +44 (0) 1638 742 922

Research-grade environmental measurement sensors, data loggers, and wireless solutions for Agritech

Delta-T will be exhibiting:

  • A preview of its forthcoming wireless solution, Celora, a powerful and flexible SDI-12 based system that enables simple effective construction of wireless sensor networks. Celora seamlessly integrates with the DeltaLINK-Cloud online data management and viewing platform.
  • The latest SDI-12 multi-parameter soil sensor, the WET150, which provides accurate moisture, EC, and temperature measurement. It comes with 5-year warranty.
  • The portable WET Sensor Kit, which measures substrate conditions with speed & precision (including accurate pore water conductivity).
  • The PR2 Profile Probe, which measures moisture profile measurements down to 1 metre, and can be used portably or installed.

The Advanced Plant Growth Centre                  

Hall 5 Stand 5.114
T: +44 (0) 844 928 5428 

Bridging research and industry, the company offers advanced plant sciences and phenotyping solutions for a sustainable future

There is a comprehensive suite of services designed to bridge the gap between research and industry in the agri-food sector.

Core offerings include vertical farms, next-generation controlled environment facilities such as growth cabinets, growth rooms, speed-breeding facilities, polytunnels and glasshouses with specialist lighting and environmental controls.

Additionally, the high-throughput phenotyping platform allows for detailed crop analysis in controlled conditions. The post-harvest storage facility offers unique, scalable solutions for crop storage and supply chain enhancement, while the vertical growth tower enables high-density, year-round crop production. The APGC offers access to advanced equipment for molecular-level plant analysis, enhancing precision agriculture, phenotyping, and the creation of resilient crop varieties. This innovation centre supports a sustainable and climate-resilient future for the agrifood, pharmaceutical, and environmental conservation sectors.


INDO Lighting             

Hall 2 Stand 2.104
T: +44 (0) 7887 428 448

Horticultural LED grow lights proudly and passionately designed and made in the UK

The INDO horticultural range covers every lighting requirement a grower could need. For glasshouses, the Element is the perfect replacement for 400, 600 or 1000W HPS units operating Direct Drive® technology powering the luminaire with no LED driver. In addition, there is a high-power TerraLink toplights up to 800W LED and for vertical farming, the 29W VertiLink is the perfect option with its low profile design and fully dimmable functions. For higher power vertical farming, such as cannabis, there is also the HortiLink, which is a 250W unit and can also be used as a toplight. These products are designed and manufactured in the UK and have a variety of spectrums available.

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