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Mediation is an effective tool for tackling a wide range of property and commercial
issues. It involves a neutral third party, assisting the conflicting parties to reach a
conclusion to their dispute themselves.

A mediator is a qualified facilitator who guides and manages parties through a process a of controlled negotiations to avoid escalation of conflict. A mediator will assist with:

  • Clarifying and prioritising issues
  • Crystallising needs
  • Conducting reality checks
  • Helping parties to reach a solution.

The mediation process is confidential, voluntary, and flexible. Unlike court proceedings, there is no imposed decision. The parties themselves retain ownership and responsibility for any settlement reached.

Mediation is growing as a way of resolving disputes quickly and at low cost. It allows
parties to reach an agreement that is not necessarily dictated by legal matters and
can offer a practical and commercial solution. The process improves the parties’
understanding of each other’s position and, as such, can help maintain and improve
business relationships.

The mediator will chair and manage the process, helping the parties to explore solutions by identifying the real issues between them.

No agreement is binding unless parties decide to enter an enforceable contract. This
allows the parties to exercise more control over costs and the outcome of the dispute.

  • A quicker method of dispute resolution
  • Lower cost
  • Framework for constructive and positive negotiation
  • Helps to avoid conflict escalation

For confidential and expert advice on mediation, please contact:

David Gilbert,
RICS-accredited mediator
01344 636 353 or 07540 269 777

For expert advice, visit

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