Garden Connect launches a comprehensive plant database

Company: Garden Connect

Garden centres, growers, and trade nurseries can now access an extensive database filled with over 300,000 photos of 75,000 different plant species through Garden Connect. This database provides detailed descriptions and more than 25 characteristics per plant species. Ideal for usage in webshops, stores, brochures, and marketing.

Save costs with affordable licenses without surprises

Professional photos are crucial for selling plants but can be difficult to create and expensive to purchase. With Garden Connect's solution, users have unlimited access to the full database for a fixed annual fee. Without any hidden costs or limited licenses. The photos can be used both online and in print, such as in magazines, brochures, and in-store.

This enables all businesses in the garden industry to showcase a comprehensive and high-quality assortment. Growers, trade nurseries, and retailers can all benefit from the database.

Save time and get started with plant data and photos immediately

Thanks to the user-friendly system allowing access to our plant data and photos, users can save time and start immediately. They can easily download the plant data through the dedicated portal or provide an Excel list, after which the plant data will be provided in the desired format.

Furthermore, the information is accessible through an API, allowing direct integration with other systems, such as webshops, ERP, or PIM systems.

Curated by plant experts

Garden Connect has a team of experienced plant experts who have gathered high-quality and extensive data. Users can trust the information they receive is accurate and reliable. With over 25 plant properties available per plant species, it is easy to provide customers with detailed information.

Google-friendly texts in 20+ languages

As an online marketing agency, Garden Connect understands the importance of unique plant descriptions. Thanks to the company's innovative solutions, all descriptions can be uniquely written for each user. Additionally, the texts can be written to adopt the corporate identity and tone of voice. This leads to improved positions in Google, increased website traffic, and more sales.

In-store signing

Retailers and growers can also utilise the plant data for in-store signage. With the wizard in the Garden Connect platform, personal price and information signs can easily be created. By using photos and plant properties, professional signs for the store can be generated in no time.


For more information and access to the extensive plant database of Garden Connect, please contact or visit

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