Exciting, rapidly growing fireside brand looking for sales agents

Company: Kindwood

Kindwood, the UK's most sustainable wood fuel brand is looking for sales agents to help grow the business into new regions and sectors who believe in experiences and sustainability.

We're looking for sales agents who occupy the South, South West, South East, East of England, West Midlands, London and Scotland to get in touch.

Experience with garden centres, farm shops, general stores and possibly larger chains would be ideal. Surprise us with your experience, and ideas.

Kindwood is an exciting new business providing a range of new and innovative wood fuel products in beautifully branded packaging. All of our products are kind to the planet, the wood is sourced from sustainable forests in Norfolk, kiln-dried from a recovered heat process and with minimal, mainly reused or reusable packaging.

Our range provides winter and summer products that look wonderful in-store and in the home. The logs burn highly efficiently and provide an amazing experience in the home, garden or on holiday, whether in a log burner, cooking pizzas or at the beach. We are developing rapidly and in the last month have added Daylesford Organic and the Sandringham Estate to our growing list of suppliers.


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