Cabinex NEW BBQ kitchen designer app

Company: Cabinex

A great tool for outdoor enthusiasts! The Cabinex Outdoor BBQ kitchen configurator is an online tool that allows users to design and customise their own outdoor BBQ kitchen.

The 3D designer app simplifies creating your dream outdoor BBQ kitchen at home. With a user-friendly interface, it allows customisation to suit your style and space. Visualize your design in real-world settings using augmented reality, exploring how different elements fit together. Find the perfect colour palette, experiment with various layouts, and design your own outdoor kitchen of distinction.

Cabinex exquisite outdoor BBQ kitchens are designed to inspire, entertain, and delight. These cutting-edge BBQ kitchens create a space that’s as visually striking as it is functional, where every meal is a memorable experience and building a sense of community and joy in every home.

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