The Pit Boss® Navigator Series

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The Pit Boss® Navigator Series provides the ultimate grilling experience, ergonomically designed to provide less strain and more usability. With advanced grilling technology, premium grade steel builds and 100% all-natural hardwood pellet fuel, enjoy Bigger. Hotter. Heavier ® features that can only come from a Pit Boss® Grill.

The Pit Boss® Navigator Series of Wood Fired Pellet Grills gives you all the real wood flavour of an outdoor cooking adventure. With advanced Direct Flame Grilling Technology and 8-in-1 cooking versatility, to smoke, bake, braise, roast, grill, barbecue, char-grill and sear all on one Grill.

Hit the One touch Auto Start button and dial in the heat ranging from 85°c to 260°c. Achieve instant direct or indirect heat, or open the innovative Slide-Plate Flame Broiler to access the direct flame and char-grill or sear your food at temperatures in excess of 500°c. Then use the Digital Control Board and stainless-steel meat probes to track internal temperatures on up to two cuts of meat, while the Pit Boss® Navigator Wood Fired Pellet Grill does all the work for you.  

Additional features of the Pit Boss® Navigator Series Wood Fired Pellet Grill include a large hopper capacity, large pellet view window sight glass, easy pellet hopper cleanout, reinforced legs, sleek high-temperature Onyx finish, convertible front-to-bottom shelf, built-in tool hooks, locking castor wheels and the Pit Boss® industry leading 5-year warranty.

The Pit Boss® Navigator Series of Wood Fired Pellet Grills are available in 550, 850, 1150 and 1230 Combo versions and include the following additional features as standard: 

  • 3503 cm2 total Cooking Surface (Navigator 550)
  • 5477 cm2 total Cooking Surface (Navigator 850)
  • 7419 cm2 total Cooking Surface (Navigator1150)
  • 13000 cm2 total Cooking Surface (Navigator 1230 Combo)
  • Porcelain-Coated Cast Iron Cooking Grates  
  • Dial-In Digital Control Board with blue LED display and soft touch controls
  • Pellet Cooking Temperature Range Of 85°c to 260°c 
  • Unique Direct Flame Grilling Technology for Char-Grill and Searing with temperatures at over 500°c.
  • 8-In-1 Cooking Versatility – Grill, Smoke, Bake, Roast, Sear, Braise, Char-Grill, Bake 
  • Fueled by Pit Boss® 100% Hardwood Pellets. 
  • Hopper Capacity: 7kg (550 / 1230) 15.5kg (850) 14.5kg (1150)
  • Cooking rack storage
  • Solid Side Shelf  
  • Up to 13 Built-in Tool Hooks 

Grill like a Boss with Direct Flame Grilling Technology, the longest warranty in the industry, the best value Grills in the sector and the finest quality 100% all-natural Hardwood Pellets on the market and all available to order right now.

Get a Bigger. Hotter. Heavier. ® Barbecue display ready for 2021 and join our Dealer Direct Network, to experience the Pit Boss® difference!

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Tel: 07873 981483

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