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The word on everyone’s lips at Glee 2021 was “sustainability”, which according to a visitor from BBC Gardener’s World was an essential part of “every conversation”.

In a world where environmental concerns are running high on national and international agendas, sustainability has become one of the most important trends in retail, with consumer demand for sustainable and eco-friendly products growing like never-before and brands with green credentials rising to the top of their wish lists. Manufacturers and distributors are responding to this vital trend by developing goods that meet the requirements of environmentally conscious consumers.

First time Glee exhibitor, The Real Soil Company, who showcased its all-new organic topsoil offering, SuperSoil, has “the right product at the right place and the right time” to help sustain the green revolution in gardens all around the country. Managing Director, Simon Hedley said: “This was our first time at Glee, and it was fantastic. The quality of visitors was most important to me, and over the course of three days we had a lot of qualified leads, in fact, the show far exceeded our expectations. Our sustainable peat-free product very much suits where the market is at right now and being at the show has reinforced what we already know, that we have the right product at the right place and the right time – now it’s in front of all the right people.”

The success of SuperSoil from The Real Soil Company is two-fold. Firstly, the organic topsoil - aimed at the premium garden centre customer - has been specially enhanced using ethically sourced, 100% traceable natural components to create a new chapter for topsoil quality and customer loyalty, plugging the gap at the higher end of the market where products have, until now, lacked real substance and quality.

SuperSoil’s natural components – which go above and beyond the BS3882 standard for compliance and reliability - are added to enrich and enhance the soil provide quicker plant establishment, better resilience against pests and disease, whilst also enabling edible crops to benefit from nutritional enhancement and a higher crop yield. Additionally, the enhanced soil also offers better water retention and release for optimum plant growth, whilst also providing a more balanced and workable material for gardeners.

Secondly, The Real Soil Company has specifically set out to create a standout brand; one that competes within a highly saturated marketplace. Featuring bright colours and hand drawn illustrations, SuperSoil’s packaging is informative, friendly and inspirational, helping to draw the consumers eye and assisting them in making better, more educated purchasing decisions at the point of sale.

Don’t miss out!

Any retailer who may have missed the Real Soil Company’s stand at Glee 2021 need not worry as the team remain available to discuss 2022 retail stocking needs. Simon added: “There is no question that consumer demand for eco-friendly products will continue to rise and garden retailers will, perhaps more than most, be expected to be at the forefront of this. With The Real Soil Company retailers can rest assured that they are providing a product that delivers true green credentials without compromising on quality. Plus with our UK supply, we can quickly meet demand, minimising delivery lead times, and ensuring stock is on shelves when it is needed most.”

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