Free webinar and Q&A on exporting into the EU

Company: Gardenex and PetQuip

Frictionless Exporting and Easier Selling to the EU

Unsworth Customs Brokers and EU tax specialist RM Boulanger are presenting a webinar and Q&A session on exporting into the EU on Wednesday 15th March at 11.00 am.

The webinar is tailored specifically to Gardenex & PetQuip members and all UK based exporters in the garden & pet sectors. It will cover some of the problems currently being experienced by exporters to the EU.

This is your opportunity to highlight any ongoing difficulties you are experiencing in sending your goods into the EU and to find potential solutions. There will be an opportunity to submit questions in advance as well as at the end of the webinar.

Unsworth’s expertise lies in customs and international freight forwarding, while RM Boulanger deliver robust EU VAT and fiscal representation solutions. Together they present a transformational solution for creating frictionless export to the EU and improved market penetration in Europe.

So if you continue to have issues with EU customers wanting DDP quotations, with getting regulated products through border posts or with sending groupage shipments and other challenges, please let the Federation team know and we’ll pass your queries on to Unsworth, who are able to provide tailored solutions through their multiple freight contacts.

Please send your questions as soon as possible (by 10th March) to or so that they can be covered in the Q&A session after the webinar presentations.

To sign up for the webinar and Q&A session on Wednesday 15th March at 11.00 am, please click on the following link:

For details of all the business advantages of Gardenex & PetQuip membership, please visit &

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