Myplant & Garden – International Green Expo

Date: 23rd - 25th February 2022
Location: Fiera Milano-Rho, Italy


The sixth edition of Myplant & Garden will take place from 23 to 25 February 2022 in Fiera Milano-Rho, Italy

Milan, May 2021 - This piece of news is meaningful for both the Italian and the international industries. It is a strong signal of restart for production, commerce, and economy post-corona.

According to the data presented by AEFI (association for exhibition and trade fairs in Italy) to various ministries, 200,000 companies choose Italian trade fairs every year, because of their strategic role in the corporate growth and development. Italian trade fairs generate a turnover of over 60 billion Euro and they boost half of the Italian export around the world.

In this scenario, Myplant has rapidly brought the garden industry in the focus of international markets, offering an ever more qualified platform for business, presenting new opportunities, new channels, and sharing the most significant trends and innovations in the sector.

Notwithstanding the declarations of the government, the Italian trade fair world – second player in Europe, and fourth on a global level – is still waiting for the promised help and contributions outlined in 2020. This predicament, as the recent release from AEFI confirms, is leaving the organisers of trade fairs that bring wealth to the whole country with no support, thus creating a dangerous market asymmetry with its international competitors.

However, if the choices and strategies of the institutions still seem blind to the situation, Myplant & Garden will present the best of production, technology and innovation to the operators of the garden industry in February 2022.

It will do so in compliance with health regulations and it will take good care of the thousands of companies and professionals that have participated in and contributed to the event over the years. Thanks to them the trade fair has become a unique phenomenon of experiences, business and relations in the international panorama, an event that generates expectations and that is an asset for the whole industry.

“Companies deserve it, visitors deserve it, all those who have put a lot of time, effort and passion in cultivating this event deserve it. The fair has always been successful and positive for everybody, and it wishes to keep being so.”

We keep growing, we keep doing it together. Let’s start over from February 2022.