IFTEX 2022

Date: 30th May - 1st June 2022
Location: Oshwal Center, Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya

After being held on hold for 3 years due to Covid-19, resulting in 2 postponed editions, things are slowly getting back to normal in a totally changed world. And so is IFTEX 2022, which will happen again and as always in the Oshwal Convention Center in Nairobi, Kenya.

With more than 125 Kenyan and international exhibiting companies and a strong growing number of registered international flower buyers, it looks more than ever to be the place for growers and buyers to meet and boost business. Normally a yearly trade event for the international flower trade industry in Kenya, now a comeback after years of absence.

Preparations are in full swing and so far all looking good, but with an industry which is in dire straits it is hoped that this year’s fair will be able to contribute to the recovery and strengthening of the floral industry. Growers and buyers being confronted with strong increased costs from every thinkable corner and as well having to deal with various other economical threats, are facing real tough challenges. It will take them a lot of efforts and entrepreneurial courage to overcome all the hurdles that will have to be taken this year and beyond.

Visit www.iftex.org to find all updated information of the event as well as how to register to attend the exhibition.

In case you are interested in attending the conference on Tuesday May 31st in the auditorium of the Oshwal Center, on moving flowers to their destination by means of sea containers, you can apply by clicking here.